Eyes of Akatosh

To understand the power of the Eyes, one must first understand something of the one called Akatosh.

Also called the Dragon God of Time, Akatosh is one of a very few number of what we loosely call Progenitor Dragons. These entities were the first to achieve self-awareness in our multiverse. Along with the portfolio of Time, Akatoh also represents the qualities of endurance, invincibility, and everlasting legitimacy.

Some legends state the Akatosh later became a world called Nirn, which exists near the heart of the Astral Sea.

Now, as for the set of artifacts we call the Eyes of Akatosh, the following is the most coherent version of their origins.

In time immemorial Akatosh grew curious as to how lessor beings did view the world around them; for his gaze could see everything at once, in many moments of existence. To see as others Saw, Akatosh fashioned a great Lens, although some accounter claim the Lens was given to Akatosh by another Progenitor called Lorkhan.

However, Lens proved unable to filter Akatosh’s power for long, and shattered… still holding his reflection. The Elder Thinkers within the Dominion of Ioun have yet to identify other fragments of the Lens, but the Eyes of Akatosh are said to be two fragments.

Bearing and imprint of Akatosh, the also grant an aspect of his powers; a kind of mirrored result of what Akatosh was attempting. The Eyes allow their wielder the ability to See… to see planes, places, things obfuscated, and people. Together they also supposedly allow one to see the Moments; to see things as they are, were, or could be.

As they relate to the Kel’Shet interesting in them, the Elder Thinkers surmise they were to be used to pinpoint a specific Moment; one in which they could access a Realm or Power not currently conjoined with our present mutliverse.

Deemed too dangerous to experiment with, the Eyes have been placed within the Astral Star’s Vault until such time as the Elder Thinkers can Visualize how they might be of benefit to the majority.

Eyes of Akatosh

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