The Doomguard

The Doomguard is a nihilistic society of mercenaries, marauders, and freebooters that troubles the domains of good and evil alike. Members of the Doomguard, believe the universe is sliding toward destruction and that everything eventually comes to an end. The best of the Doomguard are free-willed revolutionaries who fight to overthrow tyranny and stiffling order; the worst are murderous villains who revel in destruction.

Soul Guides

Beacons in the darkness, those who reveal the way, and guardians of the dead. Through their
holy works, they ensure that the souls of the dead move on, free of fear and remorse, and unimpeded by sinister entities that would use them for dark deeds. They harbor a special hatred for undead, seeing them as perversions of the natural order.

Relic Hunters

They make it their business to locate lost relics across the planes and to learn the whereabouts
of creatures that don’t want to be found. Their connections span hundreds of organizations and people, and they know the locations of scores of portals.

Perpetual Order

As yet, little is know save that Shardminds feature among its membership…


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