Vision Clues

The various clues from Zoe’s writings:

Early part-deciphers

what you can make out so far talks about the 4 claws of the dragon, the ‘prototype’ (but of what you haven’t deciphered yet) and one particular phrase mentioned a number of times… ‘The Second Mourning’
as you continue reading, you get a better feel for the changes in the dialect; picking out details like ‘unable to reprocude the radiant laquer’ – ‘Realis has gone dormant’ – ‘the augury device hidden on Nirn’

Full deciphers

“As we are unable to reproduce the radaint laquer, Realis has gone dormant. The Radiant Star can no longer be powered correctly, and alternative methods are being investigated.”
“The key to Elyxza’s Vault has been Time Locked into a puzzle box. A local deity called Akatosh, a god of time, assures that t he box will eventually fall into the proper hands, not a Lysander perhaps, but one with the proper Mark.”

“As the last Lysander, it has fallen to me. The rest of the Star’s descendant’s have merged with a local race called the Aldmer. I’ve been able to connect with Realis consciousness, if barely. Akatosh Prophecy is set in motion. Local customs and pseudo technology will hide the path to the Radiant Star, and it will me lost to the Histories until it is time for the Vault to be opened again. My limited rapport with Realis suggests these records will make it into something called the Akashic, and revealed in visions when the time is right.” – there is a signature on this one ‘Christopher Lysander’

“We have learned a part of an ancient Secret. Four tomb keys have been confiscated from human tribes. Our founding of the Psijic Order will in part safeguard these relics. When the Beyond Oblivion project is completed, we will hide these objects beyond the reach of Mundus.”
The Order has completed the Prototype, based on a design found in the Akashic attributed to a ‘Chrislsyand’. An semi organic vessel able to take travelers beyond Oblivian."

“The cause of the Day of Mourning, when Cyre was destroyed in 994 YK, remains unknown. However, we know the Dhaelkyr were involved in the Second Mourning when the Mists expanded to cover Valenar, Darguun, and the Talenta Plains.”

Vision Clues

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