Welcome on board the Astral Star. Unlike ships, or perhaps airships, you are familiar with, we travel within the Astral Sea itself. We aren’t thugs or mercenaries for hire, so if you’ve heard that rep you can forget it. What we ARE, is Relic Hunters. We take commissions to find lost artifacts, forgotten treasure, unusual magic components, developing technologies, .. the list goes one, but that should give you an idea.

How you made it here is likely a story in itself, and when off-duty we may even be interested in hearing them. For now however, there’s work to be done. Find an empty cabin, stow your belongings, gear up, and report to the Briefing Room.

there is a pause while no one moves

NOW people!

This is a D&D 4e game. While we are using mostly RAW rules, the FLUFF of abilities and descriptions can push the limits of imagination and doesn’t need to adhere to base rules. Pick any conceptual race for your appearance, and then find the recial mechanics that best fits that concept. I will look at custom races from the net, like in the 4e Race Compendium , on a case by case basis if they interest you.

Astral Star

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